List of main works:

  • «The wind that longs for singing» for saxophone quartet (Kyiv, 2016)
  • «Night Military Review» poem by Joseph Christian von Zedlitz for baritone, violin and piano (Kyiv, 2013)
  • «Light» for piano, violin, cello and video (Kyiv, 2012)
  • «Once upon a time» for bayan and piano (Kyiv, 2011)
  • «Moving» for chamber ensemble (Kyiv, 2010)
  • «Lullaby» for 3 voices, flute and cello (Kyiv, 2010)
  • «Music for 7 musicians» for chamber ensemble (Kyiv, 2009)
  • «3 questions to eternity» for cello and piano (Kyiv, 2009)
  • «Music for 6 musicians» for chamber ensemble (Kyiv, 2008)
  • «Without extra words» for piano (Kyiv, 2007)
  • «Droplets of burned light» for flute quartet (Kyiv, 2007)
  • «Stop the moment» for chamber ensemble (Kyiv, 2007)
  • Chamber symphony «Where the sky is imperceptibly merged with the earth» for chamber orchestra and piano (Kyiv, 2007)
  • «The silence of the sea waves» for clarinet and piano (Odesa, 2005)
  • Cantata «Songs about Orpheus» for mezzo soprano and chamber ensemble poem by L. Tyshkovskaya (Odesa, 2005)
  • Symphonic poem (Odesa, 2005)
  • «I am more than one» for mezzo soprano, flute and piano poem by L. Tyshkovskaya (Odesa, 2004)
  • Three sonatas for flute, cello and piano by paintings of M. Čiurlionis (Odesa, 2004):
    1. Part I «Sonata of stars» for cello and flute
    2. Part II «Sonata of sun» for flute and piano
    3. Part III «Sonata of pyramid» for flute, cello and piano